Reach new audiences, generate leads, interact with influencers and decision-makers, and activate your brand at Computer Vision DevCon 2020 (CVDC2020).
CVDC2020 offers strategic sponsors an excellent opportunity to develop and strengthen relationships with a worldwide audience comprised of leading computer vision researchers and data scientists.
A key hub for industry leaders, computer vision researchers, influencers and investors, CVDC2020 will attract hundreds of delegates.
This is an excellent opportunity for your company to present its brand/product, maximize the product’s visibility and generate leads, before and during the event. Explore a breadth of sponsorship opportunities — from well-attended speaker sessions to workshops and solutions expo to showcase your company’s product.
Become a sponsor and join hundreds of computer vision professionals who are active constituents and stakeholders
in the computer vision developer ecosystem.

Reach your target audience and generate leads at CVDC2020 — the hub for computer vision
Showcase your product to a targeted audience: Sponsoring CVDC2020 will encourage our guests, speakers and delegates to spend time getting to know you and understand your products and services. Attendees will have the chance to discover your products and services as they learn about the latest technologies, practical solutions, and best practices.
Achieve considerable thought leadership through our platform: Our sponsorship program at CVDC2020 is crafted to maximize engagement with tech-savvy delegates. Our conference attracts a highly targeted audience, and we ensure our audience is precise to help maximize your sales effort. You can also present your expertise and solutions at a speaker session to take your brand to the next level and reach your core audience directly.


To explore sponsorship opportunities, contact us at info@adasci.org